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The problems you and your customers are facing are the highest concerns of our teams. Dealing with this dual constraint requires to remain informed and to share experiences.

Success stories

Find out why our customers called on us and how their experience will be helpful to us. Because our customers have got the same problems as you do: establishing the best welcome and the best relationship with their customers, without any important investment and optimising their internal resources. Here are some examples your business might be related to.

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News & Blogs

CONSISTENT has to remain closed to its customers’ problems and to the latest technological changes, even the competitors ones! Remain informed about the latest trends relative to the customer satisfaction in new technologies.

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Interactive Marketing

The technological revolution offers many opportunities to customer relationship. Here are some subjects, white paper and documents that seem interesting to share with you

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Contacts center vs. CRM?

Our solutions evolve and join up in a larger business information system. These subjects also seem interesting to compare.

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