logiciels centre de contactInteractive Contact Suite

Improve your customer relationship and reduce your costs thanks to a set of applications and of operator infrastructures deployed by CONSISTENT.

Enter the era of Contact Interaction Management (CIM), new generation: Interactive Contact Suite is a comprehensive solution that is organised around 3 multichannel and vocal main solutions. A complementary software complements the service according to your needs in a modular manner, on demand.

A multimodal and multichannel contact center

The contact center keeps its existent installations in place! CONSISTENT develops, establishes and ensures its offer support, which relies on a more than 10 year call centers support: from in situ equipment supplier to the coming of hosted platforms.

It is the ideal option in order to embrace the 3.0 customer relationship new generation! ICS is the competitive asset you need from now on!

Voici quelques-uns des avantages qu’ICS vous apporte:

  • Establishing contacts optimisation and demands treatment/monitoring

    Waiting times optimisation, competence and resources management in the call center, workloads management, dynamic vocal scenario, treatment multichannel notification…

  • Customer’s satisfaction

    Our solutions enable you to reduce your attrition rate while improving what the customers think about the company, to the brand image’s benefit, as well as the capacity to increase customers’ loyalty.

  • Acquiring prospects

    Thanks to our solutions, our customers will benefit from a better treatment of their prospects requests. They will be directly directed to the right person.

  • Operational costs reduction
    Through an expertise adapted to your needs, we offer you a solution that will enable you to improve the efficacy of your teams while reducing your treatment expenses.
  • Monetising the contact-base

    Our solutions will allow you to make an effective use of your prospects potential and optimise easily all your resources.

  • Increasing the selling radius

    Our solutions are quickly deployed and ensure your products are effectively, well implemented. Our teams are qualified and guarantee you a quick ROI.

  • Counseling

    Our solutions allow a dynamic support of your strategy in your interactions with customers, through a reflection that best responds your issues

ICS 2.6, innovation and sturdiness

ICS 2.6 is an application suite which is the result of 10 year of development and know-how in the telecoms and calls center sectors. These solutions correspond to more than 350 000 lines of code. It is now the 2.6 version of ICS, a platform for environment performing in VXML, CCXML and MRCP. Our software architecture is open in converging voice – data high availability environments.

It is composed of 3 main applications:

  • ICS Call Flow is a managed and integrated service that offers advanced routing and voice portal sophisticated applications

  • ICS Contact is a service offering calls distribution and agent and supervisor’s banner applications for incoming calls

  • ICS Analytics is a service thanks to whom you can propose comprehensive statistics regarding your contacts’ treatment chain

  • Conversations recording, voice synthesis, recall WebCallBack, etc. Many modules perfectly complement these main applications…




Create or modify an advanced routing or interactive voice services from our consoles by completing them according to the options written.

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ICS CONTACT is a service that offers calls distribution and agent and supervisor’s banner applications for incoming calls.

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ICS ANALYTICS is a service that allows you to propose comprehensive statistics regarding your contacts’ treatment chain.

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And of a set of additional applications that can yet be used autonomously: conversation recording, voice synthesis, recall or WebCallBack