ICS Call Flow, the incoming calls managing


This service offers a wide range of additional functions, such as hold waiting, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), webservices interrogation modules and voice synthesis (TTS) or emails sending (Voice to mail) carried out before your company’s call center solutions.

The ICS CALL FLOW application allows creating standard DTMF (dual-tone-multi-frequency) navigation scripts. CONSISTENT helps you creating and implementing menu trees that comply with the script given by the beneficiary and approved in a context of specifications or implementation in continuous improvement (AGILE method)

Storylines are defined by the beneficiary and has no limitation in terms of tree structure level. They blend perfectly into the company’s’ applications and databases, through efficient and simple to use web-services.

The application ICS CALL FLOW allows guiding incoming communications. The Interactive Voice Response (SVI) takes places upstream the contact centers, be they internal or external. This application allows managing sophisticated scenarios for any type of voice portals.

The ICS CALL FLOW can be accessed from a web Interface with a scenarios editor that does not require any particular technical competences.

After a brief training, it is possible for them to create voice scenarios with the “drag and drop” tool, which they can directly access in the ICS CALL FLOW menu.

Creating and managing voice scenarios only take a few minutes