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New challenges for your company

A customer service of quality is vital for customer’s loyalty. Our solutions will allow you to face the different challenges a company might have to deal with.


  • Levels of satisfaction tend to fell sharply because customers experience significant waiting times before being put into contact with the right telemarketers that have the right information.
  • Contact centers resources grow more dispersed. So far, no simple solution established itself as the solution to integrate workforce as well as equipment divided up between subsidiaries and distant sites, including the telecommuters’.
  • Companies equipped with PBX systems are lagging behind. Some platforms have become out of date; maintenance costs are high and capacity issues cause calls losses during peak periods, not to mention that upgrades are very expensive.
  • Companies want the best contact center services possible for their customers, but they do not know how to minimise costs and risks. .

Optimise performances

CONSISTENT solutions for customer contact were elaborated to solve these problems. They allow tapping fully the potential of call centers resources, in order to offer their customers the highest quality service, with no initial cost and reducing costs.

During peak periods, during which maintaining performance might result difficult, integrating other operators into other sites is quick and easy to do.

Drawing on real time statistics, you can activate smart calls’ routing plans in an instant so that you can adapt to demand’s fluctuations. Offer a better service to your customers. They will sure see the difference. A customer experience managed in a centralised way allow redirecting calls to the right persons, wherever they are, which speeds up issues’ solution.

You take a lead on every single call. The calling line identification (CLI) and the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) accelerate the process and allow you to prioritise the calls according to the customer. Some information about the customer from the database automatically display on the screen, which enables operators to offer immediately a service personalised and simpler. Integrated communication tools (email, SMS, chat, social networks, etc.) are also available. Customers can also personalise the service with the information and preferences from their own database.

Reduce costs while remaining highly flexible

CONSISTENT can save you money. Our solutions for customer contact increase the capacities of your existent telephony infrastructure with no investment in equipment and no modification of the infrastructure already implemented. Besides, our solution in the cloud minimises costs, while maximising performances and flexibility. You can easily increase capacity thanks to CONSISTENT.