Social networks, lever of development for companies

Consistent - social networksSocial networks are making a name for themselves and take an even greater business dimension that a study made by the social network Viadéo shows that 77,5% of small sized companies and SMEs advocate social networks to market their industry.

Social networks: preferred tools for companies

Social networks seem to benefit companies that wish to develop their activities! According to the study, this way of communication is ahead of search engines (48,8%) and emailing (46,6%).

Moreover, the study reveals that 85% of companies that are present on professional social networks tend to be more confident about the future, and 83% think that social networks can largely contribute to their success. Without the help of social networks and the digital era, most SMEs would sure have difficulties developing their business.

Viadéo assists small sized companies and SMEs’ expansion

In order to make professional social networks use easier by SMEs, Viadéo recently signed a partnership agreement with the chamber of commerce and industry in order to guide their commercial progress, thanks to digital tools.