Conquering, Retaining, rationalising customers


New communication channels (telephone, internet, mobile, SMS, Fax) have become so diversified that prospects and customers’ expectations have changed considerably. Customer requirements for reactivity as for personalisation get higher. Caught in an economic crisis context that is getting even worse, companies needs have specialised and rationalised. Requirements are no longer technical but functional, operating budgets have taken precedence over investment ones, apart from business-centered stakes, organisations’ flexibility as well as international expansion took over monolithic establishments.

In order to face these numerous expectations and diverse requirements, the company is looking at SOLUTIONS to answer these issues, be they organisational, functional or related to jobs.


It is in this very context that CONSISTENT was created in the early 2000’s, by offering an innovative SOLUTIONS’ approach for companies seeking enhanced performance in their customer relationship, in a constant concern for rationalising their costs.

For each market, there is a specific optimisation

The companies markets are ever-changing and your expertise helps them to overcome these changing conditions. Technology, practices and know-how in Customer Relationship are also changing at an ever increasing pace. But Customer Relationship is not… Read more >>

Each job has its specificity

Your company’s businesses need specific solutions: telemarketing, client support, helpdesk, and each of them has its own constraints: multisite, homeworking, roaming. Our solutions help you… Read more >>


Advice assistance

Since implementing a customer interaction management (CIM) strategy comes with a real strategic reflection about the goals pursued by the company, and can draw inspiration from the sector’s best practices, CONSISTENT can assist you … Read more >>


AGILE expertise spreading

Software as a Service products offer, not intrusive in the Company’s Information System, can still be difficult to establish in a classic pattern of specification, development and takings. CONSISTENT offers an AGILE approach… Read more >>

With Consistent, do not separate products from services anymore

The telecommunications sectors as well as the IT sector have long preferred equipment’s, and then structuring products’ approaches, implemented by integrators. With the development of solutions in the Cloud, the landscape has been transformed and “ready-made” solutions often leave the customer to himself and some “FAQ” in order to execute and modify its customer relationship’s interaction strategies.

With Consistent, service is integrated to the product in its pay-for-usage system. Thus, you have an Editor Service Center dedicated however you like to your administrators, integrators and partners’ service. It is based on one single principle: you just pay for what you use. To find out more, please consult our Customers / Prices section >>

With CONSISTENT, benefit from scalable solutions, from small businesses to Key Accounts

Your company is growing? You would like provide it with a sales unit but the solution adopted cannot be subsequently extended to other departments? You would like to equip an agency without immediately upsetting the investments made for the head office? You would like to get a unique solution to deploy your strategy in Europe? You have just acquired a company with heterogeneous hardware and products? These are all the problems which Consistent helps you to solve!

With the ICS application suite, optimise your resources use

Not only does Consistent enables you to gain reactivity when establishing your customer relationship strategy, or flexibility when deploying a dynamic organisation’s solution, but it also enables you to optimise your resources, be they financial, operational, human Resources or marketing!

  • Its pay-for-usage system gives you the opportunity to preserve your investment budgets, while potentially reducing your operating budget by subscribing to an adapted number offer.
  • Its ability to automate until 40% of your customers’ simple requests allows you to adapt your contact centers number or to redeploy your stakeholders on the value-added and commercial demands
  • Its non-intrusion in the company’s Information System and its accessibility through the cloud allow you to deploy home-working and outsourcing strategies in complete transparency
  • Its analytic reporting allows you to assess the return-on-investment related to your marketing budgets and to capitalise prospects on your experience by entering in the interactive marketing era.