A 500 million minutes expertise



Because establishing a contact interaction management comes with a real strategic reflection of the objectives pursued by the company and can be inspired by the sector’s best practices, CONSISTENT can assist you and invest its technologies expertise at the customer relationship service, the way it is today, that is to say an interactive relationship, thanks to its 10 year experience through contact with its customers.

Our teams have implemented thousands of users and have dealt with about ½ billion minutes processed. It has given us today the hindsight needed to best meet the customers’ expectations and assimilate issues of organising, both in terms of human resources, infrastructures and information access.

“Interactive Technology” or how to establish dialogue

The customer marketing changed. It moved from a commercial relationship to a more developed one, a real conversation. The multiplicity of channels allows today to best answer it. And with our consulting department expertise, you will be sure to get an adapted answer covering your whole issues. This solution will be yours, according to your needs and budget.

A methodology that favours a quick implementation (AGILE)

We include in our process various levels of the AGILE approach to build the solution that best fits you. And we manage it in a context of optimisation and rapidity of implementation, under the supervision of a dedicated project manager. It thus takes us only a few hours or a few days to build prototypes, place them in situation of operational pilots and make them evolve to suit all your needs. This methodology is built in a close collaborative relationship with our activities teams, based on key elements.

Support in Consulting and Strategy: A user’s guide

  • Interactions analysis : we go back over all interactions with your customers, based on your history, that is to say: who contacts you, when, what are the critical points that might occur in the customer’s life cycle. From this basis, we build the different scenarios’ structure.
  • Resources analysis : integrating your resources constraints is essential. Who is competent, available, what are the documents, what are the tools, what is your equipment, your CRM, your finances? Our answer will comply with your constraints.
  • Processing analysis : the optimisation issue is crucial on this subject. Our technologic expertise will thus study and elaborate the best tools and scenarios, seeking the maximal automation in managing these interactions.

Therefore, our consulting department developed a unique expertise today on the market, integrating an end to end reflection at the core of your problems.