Innovation, reliability and saving to your service

When selecting a technical partner, there are many questions that come to mind. Here are a few of them:


  • How to integrate customer relationship management into the company’s information
  • Why do people call you?
  • What are you quality goals?
  • What does it cost you to deal with these customers’ demands?
  • Do you have an overview of your development over the coming months?
  • Do you have a good knowledge of technical challenges?
  • What is your recovery plan?

All these subjects demonstrate a real reflection. Our challenge is to simplify your decision, providing you with the adapted solution every single time. In order to do so, we place your satisfaction at the heart of our approach, focusing especially on innovation to improvement and simplification, as well as reliability of the solutions established in order to reassure the most demanding customers and cost-effective pricing to guarantee a return-on-investment.

1Innovation in the contact center

Technologies are changing fast, especially the Internet and mobiles. This use has become common practice with the smartphones, which causes real challenges for customer relationship management. CONSISTENT is at the heart of these revolutions with its R&D teams. We focus on answering these innovation for a better management of customers’ needs and super simple tools for agents assigned with completing these requests.

Here are some issues on which we will focus over the next months:

Voice identification

We have been integrating for several years voice recognition solutions. Our teams study today the different revolutions that allow identifying a person only with the sound of his/her voice.

Interactivity with smartphones

With about a 120% penetration, the mobile largely imposed itself. And smartphone can offer way more than a simple call. Our challenge: integrating these terminals’ capacity in calls management (geolocation, information simultaneous transmission, etc.)

Universal waiting times management

Mixing all customers interactions (call, SMS, emails, social, etc.) is a main challenge to best meet expectations. It is important to quickly understand which channel is to favour while centralising information to avoid a dispersal of information.

Web & Call Back integration

The new norms (especially webRTC) will allow favouring interaction while simplifying it. Our task is to integrate such applications into the contact.

2Reliability to meet the most demanding needs

Our infrastructure is used by thousands users every day, and especially by calls enters who have to manage very important peak calls (TV campaign, crisis management, etc.)

We provide 24/7 support and have deployed an infrastructure in all Europe. Our investments meet our customers’ complex demands, which allows us to have the trust of big industrial groups or ecommerce websites present in all Europe.

3 Oriented saving and optimisation