A forward-looking strategy based on innovation, strong company values, a 10 years experience: so many ingredients that allowed CONSISTENT to establish itself as the companies’ key partner, adapting their customer relationship to the issues of a 100 % multichannel connected consumer-centred 2.0 world.

An ambition

Through a long experience in IT and traditional telecoms, CONSISTENT founders have committed themselves to developing an international player on the Customer Interaction Management’s jobs, by democratising uses related to professional electronic interactions management.

A view

In order to serve this ambition, CONSISTENT relies on a long-term view of its development model : “development, promotion, operation and the support of technological solutions that are innovating, universal and accessible in the companies’ customers interactions management”.

CONSISTENT creates added values to the service of:

  • Its customers, by valorising their relationship with their own customers with no cost at all
  • Its partners, by giving them access to new markets, thus completing their core service offer.
  • Its colleagues by allowing them to develop expertise on innovative projects
  • Its development by capitalising its experience while expanding its geographic and service scope.

Turnover evolution

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CONSISTENT’s key dates

  • 2004 creation of the company of a managed interactive voice service offer (ICS 1.0)
  • 2007 ICS 2.0 integrating a CALL CENTER application on VXML and CCXML standards
  • 2009 International deployment of the offer in Portugal, then in Spain, in the UK, etc.
  • 2011 Launch of CONSISTENT 2.5 integrating a CALL START application for Very Small Businesses and Small and Medium Enterprises
  • 2013 Launch of ICS 3.0 set for the third quarter and new user experiences