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More than 300 european companies and 10 000 SME trust us!

Discover how Aéroports de Paris has been elected BEST customer service of the year 2014!

« Aéroport de Paris, it’s more than 90 millions of visitors from 134 different countries. With Consistent, we were able to deploy efficient solutions, allowing us to divide by 5 the number of calls actually treated by our operators. »

Victor SEIJO
Victor SEIJO
Innovation Responsable in Aéroport de Paris
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ICS, the most reliable Cloud Solution on the market.

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*Analysis of the customers interraction and internal ressources available

The ICS product suite proved itself both performing & flexible, which is necessary in a buisness based on e-commerce. Majors pros for Consistent : Deployment time was a blink of an eye, with a deep expertise of the most complex complex IVRs scripts dealing with incoming calls.

Jerome Lerouge
Jérôme Lerouge
Groupe Karavel – Promovacances

Easily integrate your call tracking in your CRM!

The incoming calls & mails from your customers are managed with your CRM tool. Using APIs or Webservices, you can integrate the data from the calls into your information system!

Associate our services to yours! Improve the customer relationship

In order to simplify your customer reception, we can deliver to you special numbers with different tarifications, depending on your commercial strategy. – Free number, Local cost number, premium or short number etc… It allowis you to centralize the incoming calls, qualify them and deliver them to the good interlocutor in no time, monetizing them in the process.

Innovation & reliability, the Core of Consistent!

Are solutions are appraised bye our customers & establishments.
Our team are closely watching & developping today, all the innovations our customers will want to use tomorrow!