The Customer relationship has become an obligation


Your company activities require specific solutions of the customer interaction management : from the commercial activities telesales to the voice portal of marketing activities through support activities self-service.

Find out how CONSISTENT is going to assist you in organising your customer relationship for each of your activities.

Voice Portal / Shopwindow site

Just like the company’s website, the company voice portal is accessible from the generic telephone address of the company (main number) over many menu choices, or through specific addresses for support, sales, sales administrations, etc. The voice portal conveys the company’s identity through a voice charter (like a graphic charter) which gives the possibility to recognise the company’s brand without even naming it (jungle, music on hold, kind of choice, etc.). The voice portal allows to qualify and to route callers to the right resources and activities (self-service, competence center, etc.). CONSISTENT advises you on implementing the basics so that you can put in place the voice portal of your company with success, which is crucial for the first impression you want to give to the customers that will try to get in touch with you.

Contact Center

In order to better meet prospects expectations and improve the customers’ life cycle, you have to have some data management tools directly linked to the processing of your customers’ commercial requests. Since it can be easily interfaced with most Customer Relationship Management solutions on the market such as Salesforce, SugarCRM or Microsoft Dynamics, our solutions will allow you to better explore your prospects’ potential, and to contact them again according to the strategies established.

Hotline technique & Intelligence Service

The technical support generally has to face a flood of classifiable requests, apart from their functional of technical aspects, according to their complexity. Where complex requests have to be distributed (by ACD, Automatic Call Distribution) to the right available competences, most simplest requests can be automatically handled (Self Service) . In order to be well-accepted by customers, self services have to be more effective, put the caller on hold and then put him in contact with an adviser. Consistent helps you define these self services organisations (identification of Customer Requests than can be automated, number of questions, implementing Web services requests to the Information System knowledge base, well-used voice recognition, etc.)

Customer Service & Sales Administration

A Customer call is always an issue. Expensive to deal with, it also generally intervenes when the customer finds himself unhappy with the service or has problems with it. There thus has to be a quick and adapted reaction in order to insure customer loyalty. Our solutions will thus allow qualifying calls quickly, according to the storyline you will have established (geography, languages, services, hours, availability) and to distribute it to the teams whose competences will be more in adequacy with the qualification established, while managing waiting times when necessary as well as eventual call or appointment requests.

Roaming & commercial teams teleworking

In deciding whether to buy a product, the prospect most of the time wishes to get help to make a decision through a dialogue with his salesman, preferably with his appointed salesman or his assistant. And if the answer is long in coming, the likelihood of conversion decreases exponentially. Benefit from CONSISTENT solutions so that your salesmen can be reached in mobility without communicating their interpersonal phone number to address situations of poor availability by “centralised” call center agents or in teleworking to obtain the best profitability.

Virtual Standard & externalised secretariat

Cost reduction brought an always more refined streamlining rationalisation of assistants or reception services work. Companies reduced receptionists jobs or made this function evolve by adding new competence… Still, it is always necessary to be able to reach the appropriate interlocutor. With our solutions, you will be able to deploy a real virtual and professional welcoming. Your interlocutors will be able to reach people on the move, even abroad according to their availability, making possible externalisation capacities if desired.

Warning services

You have to prevent a substantial number of customers of en event, with or without acknowledgement of receipt, and you cannot satisfy yourself with an e-mail or you do not necessarily have all phone numbers to send them a text message. With CONSISTENT, you can benefit from alerts scenarios that allow you to reach your customers whatever contact identification you have, by managing acknowledgment of receipt with authentication that can be more or less stronger.

Recall management system

A customer is visiting one of your website sections and you want to put him in contact with an advisor? CONSISTENT offers you processing widgets to trigger on your websites in order to encourage sales contacts.

You want to offer Call Back promotional cards toward your service centers to Customers in in the case of a promotional operation? CONSISTENT offers you solutions that will enable you to personalise their spread.