Each market has a specific optimisation

The companies markets are evolving daily and your expertise helps them in their transformation. Technology, practices, and Customer Relationship know-how evolve as well, always faster. But Customer Relationship is not your market. There are always means among others that can serve your market. These means are our core activity at CONSISTENT’s.

Find out how CONSISTENT allows you to concentrate your strengths on your markets while optimising your customer relationship management thanks to our solutions, and accompanying you to the heart of your specific issues.


Customer Relationship is a vital element for Ecommerce websites. A recent study showed that 80 % of Internet users wish to interact with a support in the purchase process. And telephone comes first.

chez-promovacances-l-egypte-reprend-des-couleurs-26646-1-normal1Launched in 1998 on the internet, PromoVacances in an online travel agency and a brand which is part of the Karavel group, also including TATI-VACANCES, ABCroisière, Un monde à 2 and Club Privé Vacances websites. Throughout its 12-year History and 27 local branches, Promovacances has been offering on its website more than 10.000 trips daily updated for 3.5 million customers. Thanks to Interact-iv.com, KARAVEL operates its call qualification and direction of capital flows services ahead of these call centers, and establishes telephony architecture and contact center roadmaps. KARAVEL also uses Interactiv Push SMS to chase up its customers’ invoicing


Telephone stakes are at the core of customer relationship in the industry.


With almost 90 million passengers in 2012, it is the first European airport system of the group, and seventh worldwide. In order to better serve its clientele, Aeroports de Paris implemented an interactive voice portal using voice recognition, which allows its customers to obtain all the information about companies it hosts, schedules for flights, parking lots as well as a warning system on exceptional events. Thanks to its voice portal among other things, Aéroports de Paris was acknowledged best customer service for the year 2013.


Integrating an intelligent management of incoming calls is a strategic added value for an operator, which allows enhancing a better organisation for client companies as well as customers’ loyalty.


SFR assists each person and company so that they can take full advantage of the best digital world possible. With an 11 billion turnover and 165.000 companies, SFR plays a major role in France’s telecoms. For its main customers, SFR has been using CONSISTENT solutions for 10 years to deliver tailor-made contact center solutions to its own infrastructures, which account for around x simultaneous agents.


The treatment of customers is a key element. A lengthy treatment tends to develop complex solutions that might disrupt the all organisation and create tensions with colleagues.


SOLUTIONS 30 is a European company specialised in solutions for new technologies. It was created in 2003, and assists every day around 3000 on-site or remote customers in 6 European countries in areas such as telecoms, payment system, security, etc. The company had a 64 million euros turnover in 2011. PC30 uses Interactiv’s offers such as Push SMSs for notifications and confirmation of interactions with customers.

Administration / Public Service

Nowadays a public service, a government, an administration take on a commitment to a better follow-up action, to a better welcome. But with resources that remain unchanged, calls must be as well oriented as possible.

logo_vert5_oiseLe Conseil general de l’Oise uses CONSISTENT solutions in order to manage its most disadvantaged citizens’ interactions with its services. Thanks to a tailor-made solution, FIL SOLIDAIRE, created in partnership with specialised operators, CONSISTENT established more than 20.000 prepaid payment devices that provide free access to communications managed by ICS solutions. These solutions enable General Councils to manage their budget with ease.



Publicity campaigns include an important dimension of conversion on the phone. It is crucial to avoid a lengthy treatment.


The insurance company Quattro has been offering its services online since 1997 without yet being a completely online business, since it was created in… 1991! Quattro offers insurance services specialised for leisure time: collection vehicles, quad bike, camper van, mobil-home, etc.). In order to complement its acquisition strategy, Quattro uses CONSISTENT’s advice and solutions for its call center and web-based pricing solutions…