Software knowledge, flexibility of the Cloud and reliability of a European infrastructure


A SaaS product offer that is not intrusive in the company information system might be hard to establish in a classic pattern of specification, development, takings. CONSISTENT offers an AGILE approach thanks to the composition of its teams, mainly engineers that are behind the conception and the evolution of the tools and solutions we set up.

With about 40 technical experts in infrastructure and development, we can give you the best answer possible to your issues.

We know the Customer Relationship issue has become difficult today. On one hand, it is essential to answer customers’ problems in a positive and effective framework to best satisfy their needs. On the other hand, costs must be reduced, and teams efficacy improved.

Choosing the right solution requires to answer these issues without knowing how your company is going to evolve in the years to come. We thus provide strategic and wise advice to your issues.

Rapid deployment

We include in our process various levels of the AGILE approach to build the solution that best fits you. And we manage it in a context of optimisation and rapidity of implementation, under the supervision of a dedicated project manager. It thus takes us only a few hours or a few days to build prototypes, place them in situation of operational pilots and make them evolve to suit all your needs.

This methodology is built in a close collaborative relationship with our activities teams, based on their organisation and strategy’s key elements.

Our teams best cope with the different products we deploy. We thus set them up in a few hours so that you can test them in a real situation.

We develop scenarios and make sure the solution is generally set up within 48 hours, thanks to the Cloud’s potential. We then take care of training modules according to your abilities to learn to use our tools, which are simple and easily manageable, autonomously.

European dedicated support center

Our consulting department thus developed a unique expertise today on the market, that integrates an end-to-end reflection at the heart of your issues. Thanks to our European implementations, we can handle your demands in most countries.